Introducing the Ultima EVO Coupe

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“Arguably the most underrated car on the planet, the latest incarnation of the Ultima has a bang-for-buck quotient most supercar makers wouldn’t think possible”
Ultima Sports Ltd, British manufacturers of the world record holding Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am supercars, are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new updated model today called the Ultima Evolution which is available in both Coupe and Convertible form.
The  Ultima Evolution retains the same timeless Le Mans Group C inspired body shape as the Ultima GTR and Ultima Can-Am but is a vastly improved and modernized supercar in every sense. The superior Evolution model takes the Ultima to even greater levels of fit, finish, quality, safety, driver comfort, usability, practicality, handling finesse and performance. Many of the enhancements found on the new Ultima Evolution model have been stimulated by worldwide customer demand and feedback. The powerplant for the Ultima Evolution is the fuel injected LS Chevrolet V8 engine and the factory offers over 15 different power level options ranging from 350bhp for the base model up to the top of the range 1020bhp model.
The first Ultima Evolution Coupe production factory built demonstrator flagship model as pictured is equipped with the monstrous 1020bhp and 920ftlbs torque supercharged Chevrolet LS V8 official engine option delivering a power to weight ratio of over 1097bhp/ton which will really shake up the supercar scene and take the performance envelope of the Ultima to the next level. The new 1020bhp Evolution model has already been tested by the factory and has recorded a road legal 0-60mph time of 2 secs, 0-100mph of 4.8 secs with 0-150mph taking a mere 8.8 seconds! It has the capability to accelerate onwards to over 240mph. The 1020bhp Evolution model with a new WORLD RECORD of 8.8 sec for the 0 - 100 MPH - 0. Note: (the car is street legal with street tires, numbers will be amazingly Shocking with slick tires and cat deletes).
Since the extremely successful world record holding Ultima GTR and Can-Am were first launched there have been over 15 years of continuous research and development taking place at the factory to every facet of the Ultima with many enhancements gradually introduced to the range. There is virtually no part of the Ultima Evolution that is in the same specification as when the GTR and Can-Am were first launched with fundamental changes and enhancements having taken place to the chassis, bodywork, drivetrain, wheels, cooling system, fuel system, steering system, suspension, lighting, interior and all key parameters on the Ultima.

Here is a list of just some of the exciting latest options and improvements found on the new Ultima Evolution model released today:

  • LED front triple headlight system with custom machined anodized aluminium Ultima bezels
  • LED daytime front running lights for increased safety and visibility
  • LED side indicator repeaters
  • Lightweight forged alloy one-piece wheels with the Ultima Evolution logo for increased performance
  • Longer front wishbone design option
  • Carbon fibre front headlight clusters
  • Carbon fibre front splitter
  • New steering wheel system with wireless integrated button controls instead of rocker switches
  • Flat bottom steering wheel option for easier driver entry/exit
  • New quick shift machined alloy billet central cable operated gear shifter
  • Carbon fibre style central gear change/handbrake cockpit console
  • New billet dashboard switch gear
  • New billet interior door handles
  • New style engine start button
  • Stainless steel handbrake lever
  • New style dashboard face level air conditioning vents for improved cockpit cooling
  • New dashboard warning lights system
  • Ultima instruments colour coded to the wheels with the Ultima Evolution logo
  • Roll cage fully leather trimmed with colour coded stitching
  • New perforated leather for the seats with alcantara inserts, colour coded stitching and the Ultima Evolution logo with a colour coded piping option
  • New floor carpet option with colour coded piping option
  • Seatbelt Ultima specific shoulder pads
  • Rear parking sensors integrated into the rear canopy with a cockpit mounted proximity sensor
  • Rear view reversing camera mounted into the rear grill
  • Satnav system
  • iPod connectivity
  • Bluetooth hands free phone system
  • Alpine car stereo and speaker system
  • Improved and updated Ultima wiring loom
  • Carbon fibre style front brake vents
  • Carbon fibre wing mirrors with revised positioning for improved rear visibility
  • Zircotec ceramic exhaust coating for improved cooling
  • Completely upgraded and redesigned fuel system option delivering greater fuel flow to cope with very high engine power levels of 725bhp through to 1200bhp
  • New design fuel tanks incorporating anti surge internal ball valves
  • Stack steering wheel integrated digital data logging display option F1 style
  • New body grills of hexagonal design enabling greater airflow and improved cooling with a modern style
  • New style Ultima Evolution chassis VIN plates
  • Twin front mounted Ultima charge cooler system developed for supercharged V8 LS Chevrolet V8 engine installations
  • Twin air filter engine air intake Ultima system developed for the supercharged V8 LS 1020bhp engine installation
  • Substantially improved chassis design for all Ultima Evolution models which vastly improves the performance, road manners, road holding and safety whilst boasting a market leading torsional rigidity.
  • New style windscreen and side screen sun visor arrangement
  • New improved brake reservoir arrangement
  • Improved rear visibility with a different rear carbon fibre wing design and altered electric rear view mirror mounting position
  • New radiator cooling fans with vastly improved flow rate and new front mounted radiator fan positioning enabling larger output fans to be fitted
  • New Ultima Evolution bodywork, wheel, steering wheel and engine rocker cover logo badges
  • Custom made Ultima Evolution embossed leather luggage bag set which are designed to fit inside the sealed Ultima side luggage compartments for overnight road touring across different countries
  • Heated front windscreen option for rapid demisting in cold, wet, frosty and humid road conditions
  • Braid wheels are now the official OE wheel supplier to Ultima and standard fitment to the Ultima Evolution and the factory offer their full range of cast and forged wheels at unbeatable prices
  • New stainless steel exhaust system option
  • New machined exhaust tailpipe trim rings for the rear grill
  • Improved quality of gel coat finish to the bodywork with a major rework and overhaul of the body moulds to an unrivalled new market leading standard
  • New specification of gel coat introduced utilizing the latest advances in gel coat pigment technology
  • Nine new gel coat bodywork colour options added to the Ultima range

The Ultima Evolution is an exciting new model from Ultima and it embodies all that the company has achieved with its previous acclaimed models, whilst incorporating a whole raft of exciting new features. Nothing on the Evolution has been taken for granted and every area has been meticulously researched before dedicated components are designed and fabricated by the factory. Unlike many high performance specialist cars, Ultima doesn't believe in the parts-bin mentality that sees components scavenged from other models. From designing and manufacturing its own cast aluminium uprights and hubs to having new body grills specifically manufactured for the Evolution, Ultima has striven to ensure there are no shortcuts when it comes to the quality of the end product.

  • Chassis Fully updated spaceframe using mainly 38mm x 1.5mm dia tube
  • Market leading torsional rigidity
  • Fully welded roll cage in 45mm CDS with welded rear braces
  • Powder coated in satin black
  • Panelled in 1.5mm NS4 alloy sheet.
  • Wing Double element track design in carbon fibre revised for improved rearward visibility
  • Body Unpainted GRP finished in immaculate gel coat finish utilising the latest advances in pigment technology
  • Carbon fibre Ultima Evolution front splitter option
  • Ultima Evolution badges
  • Rear view camera and parking sensors option
  • Interior Ultima Evolution branded leather/alcantara seats and dashboard
  • Ultima Evolution branded instruments colour coded option
  • Carpet for the floor and rear bulkhead with colour coded piping option
  • Leather trimmed roll cage option
  • Air Conditioning
  • Stainless steel handbrake lever
  • Ultima Evolution branded luggage bag set
  • Steering wheel mounted wireless switch gear
  • Alpine in car entertainment system with sat nav option
  • Lighting Full LED lighting front and rear to Ultima Evolution design with a carbon fibre style headlight cluster arrangement and machined aluminium anodised bezels. LED side indicator repeaters
  • Screen Laminated glass. Full U.S.A. and European certified.
  • Heated windscreen option
  • Suspension TIG welded double unequal length wishbones.
    Alloy uprights in LM25.
  • Fully adjustable custom made coil spring dampers for bump, rebound and ride height
  • Steering Alloy sports Ultima rack and pinion 2.4 turns lock to lock.
  • Brakes 12.7" curved vane vented disc brakes all round.
  • Adjustable brake bias front to rear. All s/s TUV hoses.
  • Engine Chevrolet V8 LS fuel injection from 350bhp to 1020bhp
  • Gearbox Porsche six speed manual transaxle with machined billet quick shifter cable change system
  • Wheels Forged lightweight alloy one piece Ultima Evolution wheels 9" x 18" front, 13.5"x 18" rear
  • Ultima Evolution centre caps
  • Tyres Michelin PS2
  • 245/35ZR18 front 335/30/ZR18 rear

Engine Name Description Horsepower
383 c.i. 400 hp @5200 rpm, 480 ft. lbs. @3900 rpm 400 hp
350 c.i. 400 hp @5200 rpm, 435 ft. lbs. torque @4000 rpm 400 hp
350 c.i. 425 hp @5500 rpm, 440 ft. lbs. torque @4200 rpm 425 hp
383 c.i. 425 hp @5400 rpm, 485 ft. lbs. torque @4100 rpm 425 hp
383 c.i. 460 hp @5700 rpm, 500 ft. lbs. torque @4200 rpm 460 hp
383 c.i. 480 hp @5400 rpm, 515 ft. lbs. torque @4000 rpm 480 hp
6.2L LS-3 480 hp @6000 rpm, 465 ft. lbs. torque @4400 rpm, 10.7 comp., fuel injected, all aluminium. Emission legal in 49 U.S. states 480 hp
383 c.i. 525 hp @5800 rpm, 520 ft. lbs. torque @4500 rpm 525 hp
383 c.i. 535 hp @6000 rpm, 520 ft. lbs. torque @4500 rpm 535 hp
6.2L LS3 550 hp @6100 rpm, 515 ft. lbs. torque @4400 rpm, 11.0 comp., fuel injected, all aluminium. Emission legal in 49 U.S. states. 550 hp
383 c.i. 550 hp @6000 rpm 515 ft. lbs. torque @4800 rpm 550 hp
406 c.i. 550 hp @5800 rpm 550 ft. lbs. torque @4300 rpm 550 hp
427 c.i. 550 hp @5800 rpm 570 ft. lbs. torque @4200 rpm 550 hp
7.0L LS-7 565 hp @6000 rpm, 536 ft. lbs. torque @5200 rpm, 11.0 comp., fuel injected, dry sump, all aluminium. Emission legal in 49 states 565 hp
406 c.i. 600 hp @6000 rpm 556 ft. lbs. torque @5000 rpm wet sump, 10.5 comp. 600 hp
427 c.i. 600 hp @5800 rpm 580 ft. lbs. torque @4300 rpm, 10.5 comp. 600 hp
406 c.i. 600 hp dry sump, 600 hp @6000 rpm, 556 ft. lbs. torque @5000 rpm, 10.5 comp. 600 hp
383 c.i. 640 hp @6500 rpm, 18 deg. wet sump, 560 ft. lbs. torque @4800 rpm. 10.5 comp. 640 hp
377 c.i. 640 hp @6500 rpm, 18 deg. Wet Sump, 560 ft. lbs. torque @5000 rpm. 10.5 comp. 640 hp
7.0L LS-7 650 hp @6000 rpm, 580 ft. lbs. torque @5300 rpm, 11.0 comp., fuel injected, dry sump, all aluminium. Emission legal in 49 U.S states. 650 hp
377 c.i. 685 hp @6800 rpm 18 deg. Dry Sump, 580 ft. lbs. torque @4900rpm, 10.5 comp. 685 hp
7.0L LS-7 700 hp@6600 rpm, 625 ft. lbs. torque @4500 rpm, 11.5 comp, dry sump, all aluminium, fuel injected. Emission legal in 49 states. 700 hp
406 c.i. 720 hp @6700 18 deg. Dry Sump 630 ft. lbs. torque @4400 rpm, 10.5 comp. Not emission legal 720 hp
415 c.i. The Ultimate Small block Chevy Gen 1 Engine, 800 hp @6800 rpm, 650 ft. lbs. torque @4800 rpm, aluminium block, dry sump, 15 deg. CFE aluminium cyl. heads, 11.0 comp., Pro Systems Track 1 carburettor, Not emission legal 800 hp
6.8L Supercharged LS Engine 1028 hp @6000 rpm, 920 ft. lbs. torque @4800 rpm, 8.5 comp., Supercharged, intercooled, fuel injected, dry sump, all aluminium. 1028 hp
6.2-liter supercharged LT5 1200 hp, 1200 ft.. Supercharged, intercooled, fuel injected, dry sump, all aluminium. 1200hp


NOTE: Aluminium alloy blocks available at extra cost.


Wind Tunnel


Sound Test

British supercar manufacturers and multiple world speed record holders Ultima Sports Ltd have smashed Michael Schumacher's £1million Ferrari FXX track car lap record on the circuit as used by Top Gear TV with their Ultima GTR720 road car.

The Ultima GTR720 recorded a blistering 1min 9.9secs lap time, which demolishes the previous record of 1min10.7secs set by seven-time world Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher in his £1million Ferrari FXX track car. To put things into perspective the Ultima is almost 10 seconds per lap faster than the fastest road car that Ferrari produces which is the renowned £450,000 Enzo which has been timed around the track in 1min19.0secs.

The successful lap record attempt was independently timed, verified and recorded by Plans Motorsport using their GPS DL-1 data logging equipment. It wasn't a test conducted by Top Gear TV themselves as the producers have seemingly ignored repeated requests to feature the British Ultima GTR to date.

Richard Marlow, Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:
"We are all absolutely thrilled with this lap record. I could see that the Formula 1 inspired Ferrari FXX looked supremely quick in the hands of Michael Schumacher, but I had every belief that it wasn't a match for our legendary Ultima GTR720 road car. I wanted to prove a point from the minute I witnessed the Schuey lap time on TV but the top gear track was fully booked for several months. At the first available opportunity we took our Ultima GTR720 road car that has previously recorded a lap time of 1min12.8secs  and adjusted it to more of a track biased set up rather than road car settings in the same manner as Michael Schumacher's track only non road legal Ferrari FXX. Our Ultima GTR720 road car stormed around the track at the kind of pace that would have placed it at the front of the grids in international GT racing, it was for sure a spectacle to behold. To better the lap time of the greatest driver of our generation in arguably the worlds most developed and expensive modern day track car is a perfect illustration of the sheer brilliance and mind blowing pace of our British Ultima GTR. Of course unlike the Ferrari FXX, which is not road legal, we were able to drive our road car back home afterwards. I would also like to clarify to everybody that our GTR720 will clear all speed humps and anybody whom doubts this fact is welcome to visit our factory so that we can demonstrate this to them first hand."

Ted Marlow, Managing Director of Ultima Sports Ltd commented:
"Well what can I say? I have been driving Ultimas now for over 25 years in hundreds of different Ultima cars with a huge range of different configurations and so I was pretty confident that the GTR720 would do the business.

The Enzo FXX is no ordinary Ferrari having been developed using Formula 1 technology and extensively tested by the 7 times Formula 1 world champion so to beat this lap time certainly proves the magnitude of our achievement.

The Ultima is a perfect illustration of the effectiveness of the KISS principle and enables us to offer an affordable supercar that can outrun the likes of Michael Schumacher in his own £1million Ferrari FXX track car. Simply put we have created automotive history by producing the world’s fastest all round road legal supercar and this new record together with our extensive catalogue of existing world speed records is unequivocal proof of the Ultima GTR's engineering excellence. Ultima fans can rest assured in the knowledge that we still have significant room for lap time improvement in the future as there is always our 800hp variant to put through its paces yet, and of course the keys to our Ultima GTR720 are always available here for a certain Mr. Schumacher should he like a shot at improving our new lap time record further still........."

The Ultima GTR720 is a fully road going production car with standard features such as air conditioning, stereo system and sealed luggage compartments etc. and is often used as a daily driver. The car is equipped with a standard production 720bhp Chevrolet V8 engine option built specifically for Ultima by our OE engine suppliers American Speed.

What's next? Well we are all very content and absolutely delighted here at the factory. Over the past several years we have set a catalogue of world beating times including several world speed records which remain unbeaten. We have superb worldwide demand for our product with full order books and this is where we will focus our time and effort by continuing to provide our existing loyal customers and new customers with a first class service. Previous testing has shown that we can also take the Nurburgring lap record with a road legal lap time somewhere in the region of 6mins30secs which sure is tempting to prove someday although there are no plans set as yet......



Engine 7litre V8 6.3litre V12
Power 720bhp 860bhp
Transmission 5 speed manual 6 speed sequential
Length 4000mm 4702mm
Width 1850mm 2035mm
Height 1070mm 1147mm
Wheelbase 2560mm 2650mm
Brakes Steel cross drilled Ceramic/carbon
Weight 980kgs 1155kgs
Lap Time 1min9.9secs 1min10.7secs



0-60mph 2.6secs World Record
0-100mph 5.3secs World Record
30-70mph 1.8secs World Record
0-100mph-0 9.4secs World Record
100mph-0 3.6secs World Record
Standing ¼ mile 9.9secs @143mph
Top Speed 231mph (gearing limited)
Skidpad (200ft) 1.176g World Record


NOTE: Ultima GTR720 Performance Stats have been independently verified by official Guinness book of world records timekeepers Datron Technology who use incorruptible GPS timing gear to record the official road car world record times on road tyres in controlled/monitored conditions.


Ultima Evolution 

1020bhp 6800cc SUPERCHARGED LS V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION street car
0-60mph 2.3 secs (World Record)
0-100mph 4.9 secs (World Record)
0-150mph 8.9 secs (World Record)
30-70mph 1.5 secs (World Record)
0-100mph-0 8.8 secs (World Record)
Standing Quarter Mile 9.2 secs @156 mph
Top Speed 240+ mph (Gearing Limited)
Top Gear Track TBA

700bhp 7000cc LS7 V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION
0-60mph 2.6 secs (World Record)
0-100mph 5.3 secs (World Record)
0-150mph 10.4 secs (World Record)
30-70mph 1.8 secs (World Record)
0-100mph-0 9.4 secs (World Record)
Standing Quarter Mile 9.9 secs @143 mph
Top Speed 200+ mph (Gearing Limited)
Top Gear Track 1min 12.8 secs (Road Tyres) | 1min 9.9 secs (Slicks)

480bhp 6200cc LS3 V8 ULTIMA EVOLUTION
0-60mph 3.1 secs
0-100mph 6.4 secs
0-150mph 13.2 secs
30-70mph 2.4 secs
0-100mph-0 10.5 secs
Standing Quarter Mile 11.4 secs @129 mph
Top Speed 180+ mph (Gearing Limited)
Top Gear Track 1min 15.9 secs


Length 4000 mm
Width 1850 mm
Height 1070 mm
Wheelbase 2560 mm
Ground Clearance 120 mm
Weight 950 Kg


Ultima GTR

All tests recorded on road tyres using a standard Ultima GTR and verified by an official from Datron Technology (Guinness World Records timekeepers) using Microsat GPS equipment


Speed achieved on 1.5 mile straight 204mph
Top Speed 231mph (Gearing Limited)
Standing 1/4 mile 9.9 secs @ 143mph terminal

Note: the performance figures, of the 2014 1000 HP- Ultima GTR and Can Am ,Will be posted soon. The above figures are for the 720 HP.

American Speed warrants their engines to be free of defects in material and workmanship as specified: All engines from 275 hp thru 550 hp carry a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty from date of delivery. All engines street driven from 550+ hp thru 800 hp carry a 1 year/12,000 miles warranty from date of delivery.

All GM Performance engines carry a 1 year/12,000 miles warranty from date of purchase.  For authorized engine warranty, engine must be returned to American Speed freight prepaid. 

What American Speed warrants: 

All internal lubricated parts including pistons, rings, crankshaft, bearings, lifters, timing chain, valves, valve springs, push rods, rocker arms, seals, engine block, intake manifold, oil pan, dampner. Does not include any other parts other than what is supplied in long block assembly. Seals and gaskets are replaced only as part of a repair.

What is not covered by American Speed:

  1. Bolt on accessories such as carburettors, fuel injection, distributor, ignition, water pump, fuel pump, alternator, power steering, air conditioning compressor, starter, and accessories drive systems. These parts are covered under respective manufacturer’s warranties and warranty period may vary. American Speed can act as an agent for these warranties. 
  2. Engines subject to neglect, abnormal abuse, lack of maintenance, collisions, abnormal operation, or acts of God.
  3. Operation of the engine with fuels, oils or lubricants that are contaminated, or not suitable for the engines such as some synthetics. 
  4. The use of accessories or other bolt on performance parts not manufactured approved by or installed by
    American Speed.
  5. Modifications to engine not approved by American Speed.  
  6.  Use of nitrous oxide.  
  7. Engines used for competition track or any racing purposes. 
  8. Engine failures caused by overheating, lean fuel conditions, poor quality fuel, improper ignition timing (i.e. deto­nation). 
  9. American Speed does not cover parts, gaskets, etc. damaged by detonation.  
  10. American Speed does not assume responsibility for towing charges; lay-up time, lodging, telephone charges, car or truck rental, or any other charges created by an engine failure.
  11. American Speed does not warrant damages to customer’s vehicle that is engine related. The buyer assumes full responsibility for entire cost of repairs to service damage, and/or loss of property.  
  12. All warranty work must be performed by American Speed. Any warranty work not performed by American Speed must be performed by a certified mechanic with prior written authorization by American Speed.
  13. Service or diagnostic work performed by other individuals or companies.
  14. Installation or removal of engines or related parts or any resultant labour charges.
  15. American Speed does not warrant electrical components or alternators.
  16. American Speed does not warrant A/C compressors without factory inspection. 
  17. American Speed does not warrant ECU's or any fuel injection computer for electrical failure.
  18. American Speed does not warrant mal performance or engine damage caused by self-re-programming or alteration of ECU's

Warranty claim rates will be paid according to Mitchel's Auto Labour Guide.

American Speed will pay freight charges on all legitimate warranty claims in continental United States (48 states). Not ronsible for overseas shipping expenses.

Shipping by common carriers (truck lines) must be arranged by American Speed.

On non-warrantable or non-legitimate claims, customer is responsible for shipping expenses and any resultant parts and/or labour charges performed by American Speed.

American Speed does not warrant short blocks.

American Speed dyno tests all their engines to check and verify performance and reliability.  American Speed does not guarantee mal-performance due to vehicle, vehicle related equipment or accessories. Non dyno tested engines are not covered by this warranty.

American Speed makes no guarantees of merchantability or fitness for a particular use, or that its engines are approved for general use, or that they comply with state or municipal laws.

Due to nature and type of use of high performance engines, American Speed retains the right to determine in its sole discretion whether or not any American Speed product is covered by warranty.


"It rides extremely well and handles extremely well. It handles like it's on rails."
Dick Johnson Australian multiple touring car race champion

"I'm delighted to be associated with Ultima."
Dick Johnson Australian multiple touring car race champion

"The Ultima is probably the best car I've ever driven."
Dick Johnson Australian multiple touring car race champion

"The accelerator's of some fast cars have passed under this writer's right foot, but nothing that launches like this."
Paul Ellis Herald Sun Australia

"The Ultima Spyder is the genuine enthusiast's supercar, blending astonishing acceleration with the open-top feel of a Formula One racer."
Paul Ellis Herald Sun Australia

"The Ultima is lighter than a Lotus, faster than a Ferrari and more powerful than a Porsche."
Paul Ellis Herald Sun Australia

"If you're after performance in the Mclaren F1 territory for a fraction of the price, then the mid-engined race developed Ultima is a strong contender."
Richard Fleury Auto Express Magazine

"Both Spyder and Sports Ultima exude quality of construction in their detail design, not to mention aggressively attractive styling."
Martin Sharp Cars & Car Conversions Magazine

"Lighter and more powerful than a Ferrari F50, this could well be the ultimate road and track car."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"As with previous Ultimas, the quality of construction is breathtaking."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"its Can-Am's sheer gustiness and response at 100mph+ which really confirms its credentials as a bona fide super car."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"Before you splash out on an F50 for weekend fun, take a spin the Ultima."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"Every inch you travel in it feels slightly illicit - the Can-Am comes across as a race car that took a wrong exit from the pits'."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"the Ultima Can-Am is one of a select group that looks as if it's doing 200mph standing still."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"What surprised me most about the Can-Am, which is capable of awesome speed, was its willingness to go slowly when needed."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"If you don't understand the mentality, buy an ordinary car like a Porsche or Ferrari instead."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"Definitely the best looking car here" is the general consensus form the massed petrol heads at the Easytrack day."
Steve Bennett - Editor Circuit Driver Magazine

"Nothing, it feels, is going to get in the way of the Ultima. Straights, corners, traffic it's just going to demolish them. And it does."
Steve Bennett - Editor Circuit Driver Magazine

"The Ultima isn't all raw speed. Grip is seemingly endless and despite all that power threatening to unstick the rear, the outer limits can be explored."
Steve Bennett - Editor Circuit Driver Magazine

"The brakes too are sensational."
Steve Bennett - Editor Circuit Driver Magazine

"The Ultima will deliver devastatingly quick laps effortlessly and intuitively. I have to confess to being fully captivated by the Ultima. It's a package that's hard to fault."
Steve Bennett - Editor Circuit Driver Magazine

"It’s fully road legal, with number plates, tax disc and road tyres, details that are easily overlooked, it seems, especially since by the end of the session the GTR has lapped pretty much everything else on the track, even stuff on slicks..."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"The GTR was the fastest thing out there."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"The Ultima GTR640 is the fastest accelerating road car ever built."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"We round a corner in third gear with around 3000rpm showing on the Stack, and a long, perfectly smooth straight presents itself. I nail it. The response is instant and mighty and the Ultima lunges for the horizon like it’s been rammed by an express train. That’s not it, though. At around 5000rpm the V8 comes on cam and the acceleration spikes to a truly mind-warping level. It took me by surprise, I can tell you, rearranging my underwear and restyling my hair. Zero to 150mph a second quicker than a McLaren F1? I don’t doubt it."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"This is no one-trick, point-and-squirt supercar, though. You can feel the chassis working beneath you, gauge the level of grip through the rim of the Personal steering wheel and the seat of you pants and exploit that grip to whatever extent you’re comfortable with. There’s no electronic traction control, no anti-lock, no power steering-and you know what? You don’t miss them. Braking is massively strong, the pedal firm and easily modulated. Traction feels good too, while the ride is surprisingly compliant."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"There is one final, fabulous opportunity to feel the GTR’s staggering, other-worldly acceleration, though. At the exit of the smooth, sweetly cambered right-hand curve at Creg-Ny-Baa, the road heads downhill dead straight for almost a mile. This is where the fastest bikes hit 200mph. It’s deserted. Hammer time. The Ultima hits hyper-drive in third, then fourth, then top. It’s utterly devastating, the most intense and sustained slug of acceleration I’ve ever experienced on the road."
John Barker - Evo Magazine

"I’ve never seen a fibreglass moulding like it, usually you can pick out a flaw, a wave or a ripple, not this thing it’s like it’s carved out of granite."
Dean Skuza - Popular Hot Rodding TV

"It’s the ultimate g-machine. It’s got the best braking, the best handling, the best acceleration. There isn’t a car on the planet that can run with it."
Cameron Evans - Popular Hot Rodding TV

"It’s an amazing road car the Ultima GTR. It has broken just about every single speed record there is to break."
Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear

"The new GTR takes the company even higher into the echelons of world beating supercar manufacture."
Ian Hyne KCSI Magazine

"It's the ultimate road racer...."
Graham Smith Unique Cars Magazine

"The Ultima runs as if it's on rails, turning into corners precisely and holding its line with impressive ease as it powers out."
Graham Smith Unique Cars Magazine

"It represents extraordinary value for money compared with cars of a similar quality and performance."
Gerry Hawkridge Car Magazine

"When McLaren wanted to try out the engine and suspension of the F1 road car, it bought a couple of Ultimas and used them as testbeds. Praise comes no higher. I drove one briefly on a racetrack earlier this year and discovered that few road cars are capable of impressing so much and so swiftly. They are also beautifully built."
Andrew Frankel The Sunday Times

"In truth you've never experienced performance until you've experienced the Ultima."
Ian Hyne KCSI Magazine

"Though this particular Ultima Spyder is very much a road car, as amply demonstrated by its easy driveability at normal road speeds, when you push the throttle you soon come to realise the significance of the much abused term 'race proven."
Ian Hyne KCSI Magazine

"It's the development and dedicated componentry that distance the Ultima from the wannabees."
Ian Hyne KCSI Magazine

"This is some car"
Ian Hyne KCSI Magazine

"The GTR is no trickier to drive quickly than, say, a 911. In some ways, its easier. Grip is so astonishing, I can push the pace without remotely approaching the chassis limits."
David Vivian Evo Magazine

"Never mind the new 911 Turbo, be unconcerned about any Ferrari, F50 included. The only road car swifter than the Ultima is the McLaren F1, and then not by much."
David Vivian Evo Magazine

"Nothing I've ever driven cuts to the chase quite like this car: relentless power, iron-fisted structural integrity, black- out stoppers."
David Vivian Evo Magazine

"This is driving pared and hardened until all the frills and peripheral distractions have been excised. Until all that's left is the contact between machine and cerebrum. You, the car and the road. It's that simple."
David Vivian Evo Magazine

"Zero to 60 mph flashes by in 3.3 seconds... and that's quicker than any current production car we've tested."
Larry Webster Car and Driver Magazine

"The drive is certainly firm, and yes, we did drive the car on smooth California roads. But even when we could see a nasty patch of road ahead and braced ourselves for some kidney upset, the unpleasantness never came."
Larry Webster Car and Driver Magazine

"For kicks we took a few laps on a racetrack and couldn't believe how confident the Ultima GTR made us feel. It is simply a well- engineered and well-built car. In every corner, straight, and braking area, our test car was rock solid, with absolutely no twitchiness despite our prodigious speeds. We could gush on forever, but the bottom line is we'd sacrifice plenty for a day of track time in the GTR"
Larry Webster Car and Driver Magazine

"As of this writing, its been two months since we drove it, and we're still smiling."
Larry Webster Car and Driver Magazine

"With the Ultima GTR, there's no question, it exudes performance from the moment you climb over the wide sill and under its exotic forward hinged doors until you finally toggle off the ignition switch to silence the rumbling Chevy V8."
Peter Brock Sports Car International Magazine

"The Ultima GTR is unique because it completely transmits the feel of a racing chassis-even at lawful speeds-and still provides velocity and Gs without having to rev the engine beyond the limits of propriety: its a great combination of practicality and tactile sensuousness."
Peter Brock Sports Car International Magazine

"The Ultima lives up to its name as the ultimate in a component-built car"
Peter Brock Sports Car International Magazine

"The GTR was the chassis the McLaren group used to prove the components for the F1. There isn't much better endorsement than that."
Peter Brock Sports Car International Magazine

"Lighter and more powerful than a Ferrari F50, this could well be the ultimate road and track car."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"As with previous Ultimas, the quality of construction is breathtaking."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"Its the Can-Am's sheer gustiness and response at 100mph+ which really confirms its credentials as a bona fide super car."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"Before you splash out on an F50 for weekend fun, take a spin the Ultima."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"Every inch you travel in it feels slightly illicit - the Can-Am comes across as a race car that took a wrong exit from the pits'."
Brett Fraser EVO Magazine

"The Ultima Can-Am is one of a select group that looks as if it's doing 200mph standing still."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"A McLaren F1 is slightly faster, perhaps, but not much, and the £631,000 price tag might be off-putting."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"What surprised me most about the Can-Am, which is capable of awesome speed, was its willingness to go slowly when needed."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"If you don't understand the mentality, buy an ordinary car like a Porsche or Ferrari instead."
Rod Kerr The Daily Telegraph

"Out on the road in a Can-Am, especially one the vivid hue of our test car, you’ll be hailed as a hero by every car enthusiast and school kid."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"The Can-Am is wild and wonderful. Its V8 makes a sound like every American race-car movie you’ve ever watched, it accelerates like a jet fighter off the deck of an aircraft-carrier, and it can be thrown through corners with the gutso of a hot hatch. It feels as if you really are strapped into a genuine Can-Am competition machine, only you don’t have to wear a helmet and race overalls."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"Ferrari-crushingly quick the Can-Am is an utter blast to drive, both on the road and at track days. And while, obviously, you have to take care in it, its surprisingly easy to drive, and even simpler to be thrilled by and enjoy."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"Its raw energy is obvious in any gear and at any revs, every throttle command is answered with a brutish and immediate, stab of forward thrust. And while some cars shield you from their performance, the Can-Am lets you revel in all its vibrant detail."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"The Can-Ams suspension is firm, yet not unpleasantly so, making low speed urban driving less of a chore than in many other sports cars."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"The Can-Am is beautifully made, enormous fun and faster than a Ferrari F50 for a fraction of the cost."
Brett Fraser Channel 4

"You want fast? In all my Ferrari-owning, Lambo-loving, Pagani pestering life, I have never driven a road car as searingly quick as the Ultima Can-Am."
Robert Farago The Truth About Cars

"It’s often said a car’s only as fast as its brakes. When it comes to shedding speed, the Can-Am’s four-wheel discs are as close as you can get to a pause button. Press the go pedal and your internal organs are thrust backwards. Press the brakes and they’re trying to pop out of your chest like that snake thing in Alien. Add in the severe lateral forces created by cornering, and the Can-Am provides a menu of physical sensations only available to race car drivers and fighter pilots. In fact, it’s a car fully capable of making people violently ill. But the really sick part is that it doesn’t take more than ten minutes before the whole experience starts to feel very, very good."
Robert Farago The Truth About Cars

"For the non-technically minded, it has enough brute force to scare the bejesus out of any passenger that hasn’t competed in open car racing. Not that you’d hear them begging you to stop…"
Robert Farago The Truth About Cars

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