Perfected by TRECOL engineers, our innovative tires provide uniform ground pressure and tenacious traction in the most extreme conditions: Icy and snow-covered roads, on marshland and drift sands, off the roads. Our customers chose not roads but routes as we provide a safe trip even where no roads are built; and to do that we choose to bring you the quality combined with knowledge and technology.


Design features of our unique all-terrain vehicles are protected by 17 patents in Russian Federation, USA and Canada. TRECOL vehicles are truly unique, thus we offer you not just any automobiles but the certified all-terrain vehicles that passed a series of complex tests and proved themselves as a reliable travelling companions in any environment. «TRECOL» sells a wide range of all-terrain vehicles, including those for dedicated purposes, such as ambulances, delivering the health care and medical assistance to the most remote areas, and vehicles for agricultural purposes, fishing or hunting. Products are available, and can be purchased by individuals as well as legal entities.


At «TRECOL», we never stop extending and improving the line-up of our products. We offer four- and six-wheeled, compact and spacious all-terrain vehicles with cross-country capabilities and awning-covered or fully enclosed metallic bodies. We also offer vehicles, developed for certain lifestyles: One, for example, could host you overnight when you are on a hunting trip; another one can overcome rivers and swamps when you are on a fishing trip. The pickup model is well suited for farmer's agricultural needs, and can be equipped with hinged attachments; we sell trucks as well. Your vehicle choice depends solely on your objectives; and, whatever they are, we guarantee you loyalty, comprehensive professional support and reasonable prices. By the way, the maintenance and service costs are further decreased with using super heavy duty components and assembly units. Trecol is an amphibious, Russian all-terrain vehicle on large low-pressure tires. TRECOL manufactures high quality, super heavy duty parts that ensure easy operation, easy maintenance and repairs. The fiberglass body has a very low thermal conductivity and the possibility of operating at a temperature of - 45 °C to +75 °C. The vehicle has a capacity, in the passenger models, for up to 8 people. Maximum speed 90 km / h (70km/h recommended). All-terrain vehicles may be equipped with petrol or diesel engines, as well as water jet to move through the water.