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The only effective way to preserve and protect the tire from flat spots, is ALTairEGO.
When parking for long periods on smooth surfaces, or when parking overnight on rough surfaces, and even overnight in cold weather, the only effective way to preserve and protect the tire from flat spots, is ALTairEGO. (Made in Italy).
An out-of-round tire causes vibration, which you may have noticed the last time your car was parked overnight in cold weather or overnight parked on rough surfaces or after a long period park ; if you're lucky, it went away once the tires warmed up after a few miles of driving. While short-term flat spots can indeed work themselves out, tires can develop a memory and will not return to shape. Are you scared yet? A little fear is healthy, unless you do not mind spending on a new set of tires after your car sits for a few months over the winter. Assuming you do mind, ALTairEGO is how to protect and safely store rubber.


Do you ever feel a ride disturbance or shimmy during the first few miles of driving after your vehicle has been parked for a few days, weeks or months? Then, after you drive a couple of miles, the ride smoothes out and feels Ok. This condition is often called flatspotting because it is used to describe the temporary tire flat-spotting that can occur when a vehicle is parked. Many heavy-duty, high-performance, high-speed-rated and racing tires have memory. They continue to remember the position in which they were last parked after they are driven on again. Unfortunately their memory can become a problem when the tires experience big swings in ambient temperature, have been parked overnight in cold temperatures or parked on a rough surface, or are parked for an extended period of time, because lack of use is what can cause tires to flat-spot.
As they roll, tires go from a relaxed state to a loaded state about 800 times every mile. This constant deflection generates heat that makes the tires more flexible. However, once they are parked, the spot in contact with the ground (the tire's footprint) flattens, as it is pressed against the road's flat surface as the tires cool. This is what generates flat spots. Until the tires warm up again, the flat spot on each tire can cause a ride disturbance that will be felt for the first few miles the next time the vehicle is driven.
Flat spotting can be temporary (the tire will round out as driving warms it up) or in the most severe cases, permanent (in which the tire's ride quality is effectively destroyed). A flat-spot's severity is often a function of the tire size, internal structure, load, ambient temperature, roughness of the ground and time spent stationary. Low aspect ratio tires have less sidewall flex due to their short sidewalls and much of their load carrying capacity is absorbed by the deflection of their wide footprints. The tread compounds and firm, nylon reinforced internal constructions used on high performance and high speed-rated tires are more susceptible to flat spotting. Heavy loads and too little air pressure in the tires (under inflation) will allow them to deflect more where they come into contact with the ground. This allows even more deflection, increasing the severity of the flat spotting. Cold ambient temperatures make rubber compounds stiffer, increasing their tendency to flat spot. Rough surfaces make a print on tires even if the car was parked for short periods. The longer tires remain stationary, the better they remember the position in which they were last parked. Tires on vehicles stored on the ground for many months can be permanently flat-spotted. Minimizing Flat-Spotting While there is no way to completely avoid tire flat-spotting, except using a very well researched and proven material like the ones used by ALTairEGO. ALTairEGO have a wide range of specialty products designed to suit your car, from classic, sports, supercar, truck to heavy weight.


Other products in the market are simple, said cushion, which are not foam, but made of hard polystyrene and do not work. - Other products are simply hard, and cannot act as a cushion and will not take their original shape after use, or cannot be reused again. Almost all cheap products on the market have no effect at all; and protection is between 5 % and 25 % max. While Altairego is  efficient 95 %, not to say 100 %, because, if you leave a car, without driving for 10 years, maybe you'll get some flat spot even on the ALTairEGO tire cushions.  Our product is similar in shape/form to many products in the market, but the material is totally different and efficiency is not comparable.

ALTairEGO tyre cushions sets to avoid tyre flat spot

3 lines of products: Comfort - Showster - SToraway

Comfort line

Showster* line

SToraway line

  • Mini upto 1600 lbs/800 Kg
  • Compact upto 2400 lbs/1100 Kg  
  • Midget upto 3300 lbs/1500 kg  
  • Super upto 4400 lbs/2000 Kg 
  • Magna upto 6000 lbs/2750 Kg 
  • Premium upto 7250 lbs/3300 Kg 
  • Leader upto 8800 lbs/4000 Kg  
  • Super* upto 4400 lbs/2000 Kg  
  • Magna* upto 6000 lbs/2750 Kg  
  • Premium* upto 7250 lbs/3300 Kg
  • Mini upto 1600 lbs/800 Kg   
  • Compact upto 2400 lbs/1100 Kg 
  • Midget upto 3300 lbs/1500 kg 
  • Super upto 4400 lbs/2000 Kg  
  • Magna upto 6000 lbs/2750 Kg
  • Premium upto 7250 lbs/3300 Kg 
  • Leader* upto 8800 lbs/4000 Kg

Products indicated with asterisk * are manufactured on request or special order(s) as well as products not present in this list. All the models are available on stock unless those designated with an asterisc* !