• Racing history....

    Speed and addiction for sport cars are for Italians their true genetic code. Some become legend like Virgilio Conrero, who, in the year 1951, establishes Autotecnica Conrero and begins to tune Alfa Romeo cars and engines. A magic period which shall bring the Alfa “tuned” Conrero to achieve until 1969 more than 1000 victories throughout the world.

    Famous drivers raced on the most mythic tracks exalting the name Conrero in the world. Results and facts have confirmed him as a genius motorist technician.


  • Conrero manufactures the Conrero 1300 cc, then the Conrero 2000 cc. Conrero becomes a car manufacturer.


  • Conrero ventures in F1 with Alejandro de Tomaso and R. Bussinello driving De Tomaso - Conrero F1 cars.


  • Conrero begins to work on Simca and Renault engines and cars. He cooperates in the following years in projects with Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Some old yellowished and inscribed photos of Mr Soishiro Honda and Virgilio Conrero remember these two great personalities.


  • the long cooperation with General Motors Italy begins and the Opel GT 1.9 and the Commodore 2.8, then 3.0, win at their start in their respective Italian Tourism Championship.


  • The Opel Conrero race as General Motors Italy Official Racing Team. 1981 sees the Opel Ascona 400 Conrero wins the Italian Rally Championship (absolute category) and the European Rally Championship in 1982 with Tony-Rudy in front of the Opel Germany (official Opel car) driven by Mc Rae, bringing the total victories up to 3000.


  • the Opel Kadett Gsi 2.0-16v Conrero win on the tracks in the Italian Super Tourism Championship in 1991 while in 1992, the Calibra, then in 1993 the Vectra, obtain numerous prestigious ranks going then to win, as Opel Espana Official Racing Team, the 1993 Tourism Championship with the Calibra and further obtain many high level results with the Vectra in 1994, 1995 (2°), 1996 and in Argentina in 1997.

    More recently, the Lotus Cars, Hethel, has ordered Conrero the project and development of the engine and suspension kit for the spectacular and very competitive “ Lotus Elise Trophy “

    In years 1997 to 2002

    Conrero prepares and handles two R&S with Chevy, respectively Ford engines. With these, Alex Caffi, Andrea Chiesa and other famous drivers race in the Sport-Prototypes Championship, first the “ISRS”, further the “SWRC / WSC“ and then the “ELMS / ALMS” on international tracks like Laguna Seca, Le Mans, Monza, Nürburgring, etc...


  • Conrero presents a masterpiece, the Alfa-Romeo GTV 3.0 24v Conrero Challenge, published on all sporting magazines and newspapers, which is shown at “Automechanika 1998“, Frankfurt, on the occasion of the presentation of a new Conrero line of accessoires.


  • The Squadra Conrero Corse, handles two Alfa Romeo 156 (Ex-Norauto) in the “ETCC” (European Tourism Championship) and two 147 in the “ESPC” (European Super Production Championship)


  • two years racing in the Porsche SuperCup Series with two 911 GT3 Cup anticipating the F1 Grand Prix. Podium at Imola with Riccitelli and Indianapolis with Cyrille Sauvage.

    In these 50 years and more, Virgilio Conrero himself with highly skilled technicians and partners, always choosing best technology solutions together with the best materials have exceeded 4000 victories.

    Today, Conrero offers a complete line of up-scale sporting accessories like tire cushions, steering wheels, gear shift knobs, gear frames, sporting pedal sets, brake and gear bonnets, brake handles, mats, door seals and other accessories all dedicated to your car, whatever the car is a supercar, a classic car or a collection car.